Fume, RAW, King Palms, and RAW Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes, also known as e-cigarettes, are convenient and affordable options for smokers who want to cut down on their nicotine consumption. They come in a variety of different sizes, flavors, and nicotine strengths.

The FUME brand offers disposable vape devices that are manufactured with medical-grade technology and designed to maximize puff capacity. This helps make them long-lasting, convenient and enjoyable vaping devices.

Fume Disposable Vapes

Fume disposable vapes are a great alternative to smoking and are available in many flavors. They are also very affordable and are designed to be thrown away once they are no longer in use.

Disposable e-cigarettes are easy to use and can be used anywhere. They are draw-activated, so all you have to do is inhale and puff for the device to activate.

These disposables come in a variety of flavors, including ice and regular. They fumedisposablevapes.com a popular choice for cigarette smokers who want a quick and easy way to switch to vaping without having to worry about refilling or charging their device.

The Fume Extra has a battery capacity of 850mAh and will last approximately 1500 puffs. This is one of the most popular disposable vapes in the market and will provide you with a long-lasting vaping experience.


SMOK is one of the world’s most well-known and respected e-cigarette manufacturers. They’re known for creating products that are constantly advancing the industry forward, and they’ve become popular among enthusiasts and novices alike.

They have a huge range of products, from pen-style devices that are slimline, compact and practical, to box mods with a vast array of power and coil options. They also make a variety of refillable pod devices that allow you to easily top up with e-liquid as needed.

It’s a simple process to change the coils on SMOK products, no matter what type of device you own. Each atomizer or pod has a push-fit connection that allows you to easily insert a new coil.

SMOK’s tanks continue to be as popular as ever, featuring innovative designs and coils that offer a tailored and hard-hitting vaping experience. Their TFV4 tank is one of the most legendary sub-ohm tanks on the market and they’ve been responsible for introducing a whole host of other epic builds.


RAW, a Florida-based company with a long and distinguished history in the smoke shop industry, is a name you can trust. Its top-of-the-line products include one of the most comprehensive collections of disposable vape pens, glass pipes, raw paper, and lighters on the market. Its newest entrant is the 14mL Fume Unlimited 7000 puffs e-liquid dispenser, which can be fully charged via USB-C.

Aside from the aforementioned 14mL gimmick, a number of other features are incorporated into this device to ensure its longevity and ease of use. First, there’s the in-built battery, which varies from 280 to 1000mAh depending on the device you choose. The battery is designed to last as long as the pre-filled e-liquid you put inside it.

The other notable feature is the aforementioned 14mL e-liquid dispenser, which can be easily replaced with a fresh bottle of your favorite brew. There is also an impressive display of other features, including a magnetically attached, LED-lit glass pipe. The best part is that you can pick up the latest and greatest vaporizers in a variety of different flavors, and they’ll be delivered right to your door.

King Palms

King Palms are a natural, healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes and cigars. They are made from the leaf of a flowering plant called Cordia which is native to southeast Asia.

They are hand-picked, cleaned with purified water and rolled without tobacco or chemicals. They also don’t use glue, making them a healthier option than most paper products on the market.

Aside from wraps, King Palms offers tubes and pre-rolls. Tubes are made with the same natural palm leaf as the wraps but have a corn husk tip for more filtered smoke.

Pre-Rolls are available in Mini, Slim and King sizes. Each roll can hold a half a gram of bud and are available in a few different flavors.

One of my favorite pre-rolls is their Margarita rolls that combine the flavor of watermelon with mango for a tropical experience. This was a great addition to my collection of pre-rolls and the slow-burning made it a pleasure to smoke.